Media Options: Two new “metaverse domains” moved in ownership

The metaverse is here to stay with or without the support of Meta, mother company of Facebook.

Metaverse domains were all the rage in 2021 and this new year continues on the same tune.

Media Options, the elite domain brokerage founded by Drew Rosener, sold in November of 2021.

So what does one do when they sell a metaverse domain? Acquire two in its place. 😀

Media Options acquired the domain, a great term identifying the original, or “first” metaverse. Proto is derived from the Greek word “πρώτος” for first, or original. The domain was registered in 1998.

We are also aware of Drew Rosenser’s involvement with the NFT project BAYC; Drew is “going ape” about it and picked up the domain Obviously, it’s the metaverse built for apes! 😀

Hope to see some new metaverse domain sales soon.

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One Response to “Media Options: Two new “metaverse domains” moved in ownership”
  1. anon says:

    looks like he got for $5,500 from dropped domain auction at snapnames.. status is currently pending payment.

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