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#Megaupload.com : #Domain changed hands in mysterious registrar transfer

Megaupload.com, the crown jewel of German entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, has changed hands in a mysterious transfer.

The domain was under the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since six years ago.

In a police raid that took place in 2012, US and New Zealand authorities seized millions of dollars in cash and other property, belonging to Kim Dotcom and the Megaupload company.

The domain Megaupload.com has now been transferred to Registrar Ads, Inc., without a clear indication of how that happened. The email address “buysdomains@gmail.com” is associated with roughly 3,600 domain names.

The previous email address associated with the domains Megaupload.com and Megaclick.com was giriv@gmail.com, a change that occurred in April 2017.

Was the email address giriv@gmail.com hacked, and led to the subsequent sale of the two domains under the nose of the FBI?

That’s possible, and Kim Dotcom is quite upset.

Another scenario is that the domains expired but the registrar, Domain.com, sold them off in a private exchange or auction.

Story kudos: Dan S.

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