Meowrrr???!! Dog lovers gang up on cats

No .Cats application among the 1930 gTLDs at ICANN.

The massive list of ICANN gTLD applicationsall 1930 of them – contains several pet-related gTLDs that have been applied for.

Among them, .Pet (2x) and .Pets along with .Dog (3x).

But the .Cats application is nowhere to be seen, which makes us feline lovers feel very, very upset! πŸ™

That’s the price to pay when the .Cat TLD already exists but is unrelated to cats!

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3 Responses to “Meowrrr???!! Dog lovers gang up on cats”
  1. rathead says:

    AND… no one applied for .coolcat or .hipster. it’s a crazy world.

  2. Why would you want.cats when you can own
    I would think you can make a lot more building out

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Brian – You can ask the same question 1930 times; the answer will be the same πŸ˜€

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