MERGE! 2017 : Interview with Elliot Silver in Orlando, FL, in absentia

MERGE! 2017 is wrapping up its 4th day today, and tomorrow is the final – yet short – day.

The multi-discipline conference attracted domain investors, as well as professionals from other sectors.

Elliot Silver is one such popular domain investor, who had scheduled to be at MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Alas, he didn’t make it.

We took the liberty to interview Elliot ‘in absentia’ so that other participants would get to know him better.

DomainGang: So Elliot, what’s up?

Elliot Silver: Not much, and you?

DomainGang: I bought a new bike last week and I’m training to beat your record of 250 miles.

Elliot Silver: Dude, you will be seeing my back side through the race, with the sponsored shirt disappearing into the horizon.

DomainGang: Ahem, touche. Let’s talk about domains then.

Elliot Silver: Correction, let’s talk about top notch domains.

DomainGang: OK. How’s your brand doing?

Elliot Silver: Doing great. I recently tweeted the following:
“If you submit domain names for sale via, please note that only exceptional .com domain names are considered.”

DomainGang: That’s cool. What are “exceptional” domains to you then?

Elliot Silver: Those that I can buy for say $1k and sell for $50k at a minimum. Don’t play stupid, it won’t work with me.

DomainGang: I don’t play stupid, I am kinda slow, you know. So did you pass on that offer?

Elliot Silver: Naturally. MDMD is a shortcut here in Boston for “Doctah! Doctah!”

DomainGang: Have you registered any dot .Boston domains?

Elliot Silver: I love Boston, to the point that I might change my last name to Silvah. But I will pass on the dot .Whatevah.

DomainGang: Elliot, it’s OK not to be a new gTLD lovah. Although I’m not good at that fake Boston accent. So what are your plans for the future?

Elliot Silver: The same as always, buy low, sell high. Promote my auctions at NameJet using my exceptional blogging skills. And to skim the database daily for any gems.

DomainGang: That’s awesome. Hope to see you at the next MERGE! as you promised to buy me a beer.

Elliot Silver: We have some great microbrews in Boston. Get your ass up here!

DomainGang: Thanks for the imaginary interview Elliot! Always a pleasure.

Elliot Silver: You’re welcome.

At MERGE! with Elliot Silver.

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  1. Sedo says:

    Just clarifying, Elliot, if the sponsored shirt you referenced is the Sedo one was sent you? Theo, we will have to get you one for this training to beat Elliot! Thanks for the fun read!

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