Merge.Show – New multi-discipline conference arrives in Orlando, FL

Jothan Frakes and Ray Dillman Neu chose the domain Merge.Show for their upcoming new event, called MERGE!

The multi-discipline conference will take place in Orlando, Florida, between October 14th and 18th, 2017.

For those local to Central Florida, this is superb news; the Orlando Marriott World Resort will be the hosting grounds of the event.

What sets MERGE! aside from related shows such as NamesCon and THE Domain Conference, is its goal to involve a variety of crowds, and grow the periphery of the business: developers, domain investors, marketing, hosting and SEO providers, along with branding experts and start-up gurus, security experts and IP attorneys.

In fact, THE Domain Conference will be one of many sub-events forming MERGE!

With such a large venue as the Marriott hotel, it’s expected that the MERGE! event will attract a global crowd of attendees, without any concerns of hosting space.

Visit Merge.Show to book your tickets now and to find out more about the upcoming Orlando event.

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