Merlin Kauffman’s domain, : Where is it now?

Around this time last year, we watched in nail-biting agony as the aged, premium domain did not renew., a 1995 registration, was in the possession of domain investor and entrepreneur, Merlin Kauffman; he inexplicably failed to renew it.

In the domain auction that ensued, the winner of failed to submit payment.

After further communication, the domain was awarded to the highest valid bidder, partners Tim Schoon and Yancy Naughton of Namerific, who split the $82,550 dollar price tag.

So where is now?

A quick visit to its landing page at Namerific, displays an asking price of $399,999 dollars. You can still make offers, however.

It’s definitely a six figure gem, and one that Merlin Kauffman would most likely want to forget.

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One Response to “Merlin Kauffman’s domain, : Where is it now?”
  1. Michael Castello says:

    We’ve all have our train wrecks. I remember buying for $5,000, thinking I bought the Italian spelling for Florance. It took my young son to help me realize the correct spelling was Firenze. I’m sure I made the seller very happy.

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