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Merry Uni #Christmas : Ten items to trade your #TopCoin for

Uni announced the end of its collaboration with the TopCoin project, and current TPC holders can exchange it until March 31st, 2019.

TopCoin’s delayed ICO must have led to that decision, as 2018 has been ruthless to cryptocurrencies; even Bitcoin has taken a severe beating, and it’s trading in the $3,000 dollar range.

So what can you do with your existing TopCoin?

Here are ten possible items you can trade it for:

  • A ball of lint from Frank Schilling’s clothes dryer
  • Two sticks of well-used chewing gum
  • A box of nail clippings
  • A paper cut on the inside of your eyelid
  • A kick in the butt
  • Leftover stumps from Shane Cultra’s Christmas tree sellout
  • Legal advice on domains from a non lawyer
  • A LLLLLLLLNNN .org domain
  • Toothpaste made in Chernobyl
  • Other TopCoin

But seriously, we don’t know yet how TPC will be exchanged at Uni. If you know, please tell us – we have over 13,000 TPC to burn.

TopCoin – Can’t trade it for Bitcoin.

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One Response to “Merry Uni #Christmas : Ten items to trade your #TopCoin for”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Can we swap them for bitcoin ?

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