#Meta brand sunsets the .ORG; secures Twitter but not Instagram handle

New name, same story.

Facebook moved the umbrella company to Meta, operating from the domain Meta.com, all while individual app names remain the same. It will also move its FB stock ticker to MVRS on December 1st.

Some say that the wolf got a new sheep’s clothing, but Facebook & Meta founder, Mark Zuckerberg, says the domain rebranding was planned all the way back in 2014.

That much is probably true, as Meta.com was acquired a while ago and was paired with the domain Meta.org under the following mission:

Meta, a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative project, is a biomedical research discovery tool that analyzes & connects millions of scientific outputs to give you a comprehensive view into science. You can easily explore research and follow developments by searching for specific terms or creating customizable feeds of papers and preprints.

Now, Meta.org will simply not be supported after March 31st, 2022. Chan Zuckerberg, Mark’s wife, explains:

As part of this transition, the technology powering Meta will remain available to the community; we will support access to the Meta application and associated services, including the Digests and API, through March 31, 2022. We will also support our users’ transition to alternative open services.

Meta secured the Twitter handle @Meta and unlike its @Facebook handle keeps that open and active.

There’s a problem with Instagram, however: @Meta on Instagram is an active account belonging to META Magazine, producers of films and publishers of a lifestyle magazine. They operate from the domain ReadMeta.com.

That account is now receiving a lot of visits, most of which point out the obvious: this account is worth a lot of money to Meta/Facebook, that are also owners of Instagram.

There’s nothing money cannot buy, however, and Mark Zuckerberg’s new venture has a lot of it.

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