NFT project launches, copycat #domains registered en masse, the NFT project by domain investor, Merlin Kauffman, launched on Friday among high levels of anticipation.

After gathering more than 200,000 followers in its Discord, the Metasaurs project faced some pre-release glitches. Eventually, it sent fewer than 2,000 of the 10k NFT Metasaurs into the public mint process, whereupon they “evaporated” in under one minute.

Currently, the floor price has dropped below its pre-release levels, when Metasaurs traded above 1 ETH, but that’s expected after a launch-mint-reveal according to NFT experts.

Several copycat domains were registered by impostors attempting to steal ETH from unsuspected fans. Some were indeed defrauded according to Discord posts, losing money. As of today, the following Metasaurs domains have been registered that are not related to the project:

Meanwhile, several federal trademark applications have been filed at the USPTO related to “Metasaurs” – all by Media Matrix LLC DBA Magic Labs, the official launchers of the Metasaurs NFT project:

Dolls, figurines, action figure toys, stuffed and plush toys; board games, tabletop games and game pieces; playing cards and card games.

Digital collectible art, namely digital collectibles sold as non-fungible tokens

Online social networking services provided through a members-only website featuring electronic messaging and gaming services among members

The NFT game is getting serious at the end of the year!

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One Response to “ NFT project launches, copycat #domains registered en masse”
  1. scott Alliy says:

    Live and learn. Brand protection is serious folks! Failure to act and secure your brand with hand reg domains is well Not too smart as this business has learned. How much can failure to act and acquire multiple domains cost ? Depends on the industry, market competition, timing and consumer demand to name a few variables that all startups or businesses need to consider.

    I had a potential client who failed to hand register the exact match keyword for the HOT product they offer. Four weeks later the name was hand regged and is now listed for sale at $35,000. Costly mistake for sure.

    Acquiring multiple relate domains is cheap Real cheap insurance and smart business.

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