Michael Phelps bongs : Olympian’s domain to make a comeback?

American swimmer, Michael Phelps can fit 22 Olympic medals around his neck, and has qualified for a record-setting 5th Olympiad in Rio, Brazil.

In 2009, however, Phelps made headlines for an entirely different reason: marijuana bongs.

Smoking pot isn’t much of a social shocker these days, but for an Olympian endorsing products, it cost him Kellogg’s as a sponsor.

Michael Phelps is heading back to the Olympics next month, and everyone hopes to see him expand his already unbeatable record of Olympic victories.

Meanwhile, a domain blast from the past is currently available: MichaelPhelpsBongs.com.

"Michael Phelps Bong" search results on Google.

“Michael Phelps Bong” search results on Google.

Registered in February 2009 right after the bong incident, the domain was held by its registrant for a while, and was not renewed.

It’s currently available to register, not that we’d recommend that you do it. 😀

Why so?

The words “Michael Phelps” form a registered trademark for “advertising, promotion and publicity services, namely, promoting the goods, services, brand identity and commercial information and news of third parties through print, audio, video, digital and on-line medium.”

Best of luck to Michael Phelps at the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil!

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