Microsoft browser market share plummets – Do domainers care?

IE is so 2000

Apparently Microsoft is losing the “war of the browsers” – new reports indicate that for the first time ever, the Internet Explorer use has dropped below 50%.

The remaining 50% is shared among Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and other lesser browsers.

Still, do domainers really care about browser use?

According to current trends, the majority of domainers keep their domains parked; a process that ensures 100% cross-browser compatibility.

When it comes down to displaying ads for monetization purposes, every major PPC company has no issues.

Compare that to potential issues with developed domains, whereupon development requires rigid testing, commitment to development standards and compatibility with add-on technologies, such as Flash.

In other words: For the majority of domainers, the Microsoft share of the browser market is irrelevant. Or is it not?

Which browser do you mostly use?

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4 Responses to “Microsoft browser market share plummets – Do domainers care?”
  1. Randall says:

    IE sucks anyways, I dont honestly know anyone that still uses it. My girlfriend is not very computer savvy but even she used Firefox.

  2. BullS says:

    I could not care less..IE aka is Idiot Explorer.

    “Do you want to send the error to who knows where”

    IE has cause more problems on most programs and it “explores” you to the dumps

  3. Robbie says:

    The only good thing about IE users is that most are non tech savvy, which means they will most likely see your ads, and most will not know what a google ad is, so they are more likely to click.

  4. John Martel says:

    The only time I fire up IE is when I make a new web site for a client.. just to check it real quick. Of course if they really kept up with Firefox, Chrome etc. I wouldn’t even need to do that. I mostly use Firefox and for the past few months also have Chrome open all the time as I was having trouble with GMail on FF – so I run it on Chrome.

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