Mike Mann about to score $20k with Princess and the Frog #domain

Mike Mann (center) with two Chinese princesses

Mike Mann might have dropped 50,000 domains recently, but PrincessAndTheFrog.com wasn’t one of them.

The four-word domain was registered in 2001, but Mike Mann’s Domain Market outfit acquired it sometime in 2018.

Mike Mann wants $19,888 dollars for this domain matching the name of a Disney musical that came out in 2009, but the idea is based off the Brothers Grimm story “The Frog Prince.

So why is Mike Mann about to make almost $20k with this domain?

Apparently, Disney has finally decided to rename one of its popular rides at Disney World and Disneyland: from Splash Mountain, to Princess And The Frog.

Ha! You might say. What if Disney names it The Princess And the Frog then, adding “The” in the front?

No worries, Mike has that covered too. For $2,888 dollars you can get this 5-word mouthful, ThePrincessAndTheFrog.com.

Either way, we’ll miss you, Splash Mountain.

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One Response to “Mike Mann about to score $20k with Princess and the Frog #domain”
  1. Observer says:

    I don’t get it. This story seems incomplete.

    How is Mike Mann so sure that Disney cares to the level of owning this Name/Label as a domain?

    Is there some pending sale to Disney in progress or something?

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