Mike Mann: Anti-Semitic remarks won’t go unanswered

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

And we thought it’d be a peaceful, constructive Friday…

Mike Mann is on a roll today, after being attacked with anti-Semitic remarks by an apparent associate and allegedly former employee of SEO.com.

The comment left on Mike Mann’s Facebook, by a “Justin McHood” in the wee hours of the night, reads as follows:

Mike – I have been a longtime watcher of yours from afar. You have been writing me checks for years because I worked at SEO.com years ago as an indpendent contractor / outside sales guy. Do you *really* think that a Jewish guy can run a company from Florida as the President? 

If you say “yes” – get ready for a debate.

I hope you have a better plan after canning Ash and Shuey than you just stepping in and hoping that everybody still keeps showing up for work?


Such an obvious racist remark would not go unanswered by Mike Mann, who responded:

“You are a demented racist.”

We aren’t sure what triggered such an anti-Semitic statement by Mr. Justin McHood, but Mike Mann gave a further reply:

“A minority of Jews are greedy elitists, a minority of Muslims are terrorists, and some Mormons are unemployable, racist butt-pirates.”

Knowing Mike Mann’s word-mastery, the latest statement upped the ante, using a metaphor from the animal kingdom:

“If enough fearful, greedy, jealous hyenas gang up at once they could conceivably take a chunk out of the king of the jungle. But the second they break unity the lion will take heads off.”

The use of racist remarks and the condescending tone of Mr. Justin McHood’s statement are clearly unacceptable. Let’s hope that he recants, issuing an apology to Mike Mann before the matter escalates further.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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13 Responses to “Mike Mann: Anti-Semitic remarks won’t go unanswered”
  1. Abdul says:

    Maybe Mike Mann talked to much about charity to him and that guy became angry.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Abdul – I wouldn’t bet my house on that. And what does being angry have to do with disparaging one’s religion?

  3. From the Sidelines says:

    Sadly you do not show the entire conversation and cherry picked the parts that made Mike look like he was simply defending himself and his belief. Yes, Justin should not have made the comment about being jewish, but I don’t think the conversation would have gone any better without that single word.

    Did you also happen to see Mike explode onto another ex-employee FB page after that post, where Mike continued to completely make an ass out of himself, making many derogatory and racist comments himself? Probably not, lets not show the whole story here, just the parts that make our friends look good.

    Quality stuff from a guy who pretends to be a leader. What a joke!

  4. Mike Henson says:

    What about the comments you made about Mormons? I cannot wait till all you employees quit and your little business goes under. I cannot wait to steal your employees, in fact I already started.

  5. DomainGang says:

    From the Sidelines – Nothing was ‘cherry-picked’, it’s the conversation as it unfolded (as much of it was public anyway). If there were other parts of it, feel free to share.

    Mike Henson – Whose employees are you referring to, this is not Mike Mann’s blog. We simply report the news.

  6. Justin McHood says:


    Just wanted to publicly acknowledge this and say that I have responded in private to the Editor via email.

    A current employee at SEO.com reached out to me this am and asked me not to speak further about this issue in public – which I indicated I would honor.

    As a result of this post, I figured it was best to give the author full information (I did so in the email) and can be available for further comments or questions once he had full information.

    Looking forward to the response.


  7. SEO.com guy says:

    Funny. How did you miss the derogatory comments Mike made about Mormons? Nice work.

  8. DomainGang says:

    SEO.com guy – The only reference to Mormons by Mike Mann that I’m aware of, was already posted in this article. However, this being said, I’ve now received further communication from Justin on the matter.

    Justin – You are more than welcome to post here the same info or parts thereof contained in the email. For the record, we are not associated with Mike Mann; he is a public figure and definitely a persona of intense idiosyncrasy – most active entrepreneurs are the same way.

    From my understanding the comment was not meant to be disparaging of the Jewish faith, the end result, however, was equally damaging. My suggestion is to take this argument offline, and definitely away from public places such as Facebook.

  9. smiling on the sidelines says:

    So you missed the post by Mike… ” racist butt pirates boning each other in their secret underwear…” How many groups were ignored there? 🙂

  10. DomainGang says:

    smiling on the sidelines – Last time I checked, ‘butt pirates’ aren’t a race or an organized religion.

  11. Steve McNeil says:

    Secret underwear refers to a sacred garment in the Mormon faith.

  12. DomainGang says:

    Steve – Are you referring to the “magic underwear”? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_garment

  13. Steve McNeil says:

    Yes, same thing. So ”racist butt pirates boning each other in their secret underwear” is a direct attack on both Mormonism and homosexuality.

    I have no dog in this fight and I am not a Mormon. Just pointing out the connection since most people are unaware of sacred/secret/magic underwear in that religion.

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