Mike Mann : #GoDaddy appraisal “scambot” failed #domain evaluation test

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann, is not a stranger to controversial statements. The hyperactive green tea fan assumed the Domain King title a while back, something that NamePros members refused to accept.

It all started with a misquoted newspaper article, by the Washington Post, as some domainers will recall.

Mike’s a busy domain investor, however, and has also managed to thwart UDRP cases and overcome pressure form domain suitors that have threatened his long-standing Domain Market success.

Fresh off the sales report, Mike Mann announced the sale of LungCancerCenter.com for $30,000 dollars.

LungCancerCenter.com sold by Mike Mann – Photo by Patrick Brinksma on Unsplash

In doing so, he did not mince his words about the GoDaddy domain evaluation tool, calling it “ScamBot:

“Thanks GoDaddy for selling LungCancerCenter.com for me for $30,000! But how come the GoDaddy Appraisal Scambot appraised it at only $2,590? Call the execs and board, FTC, NTIA, DOC ASAP? And since you know the correct price now you can update it ASAP?”

The GoDaddy domain evaluation tool is the pride and joy of the biggest domain registrar in the world; many domainers disagree about its pricing accuracy, however.

Congratulations to Mike Mann, and hopefully GoDaddy will improve on its domain evaluation algorithm after the sale of LungCancerCenter.com. 😀

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