Mike Mann: Stolen credit card was used in $40,000 dollar domain sale

Mike Mann – Domain investor and serial entrepreneur.

Someone used a stolen credit card to fund a $40,000 dollar domain purchase, according to a Tweet by domain investor, Mike Mann.

The good news: that attempt was not only foiled, but later on a legit sale of $59,888 dollars was achieved.

Speira.com is the domain that was sold for almost $60k via the Domain Market, Mike’s own platform to success. As Mike Mann says:

What distinguishes me and my company DomainMarket.com from any other domain companies? We only own and sell the very best domains. Almost all .Com. They are all well appraised. We are not brokers.

We own 100% of the names in the DM database, and the ones I post.

Mike Mann’s other recent sales include LoyalLeaf.com for $9,888 dollars, and StellaManagement for a whopping $29,888 dollars.

Greek mineral water company, Vikos Water, acquired Vikos.com from the Domain Market as well, enhancing its global brand.

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