Mike Mann turned $15 into $30,000 with religious domain sale

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

Domain investor, Mike Mann.

Domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Mike Mann, keeps on churning out major sales recently.

The prolific domainer capable of turning small investments into sizable domain sales announced his latest feat on Facebook:

“Son of Israel, God of domains, sold $24,888 and $6000. Purchased 6/18/11 and 4/18/11, $7.50 each.”

Mike Mann was thus able to turn an initial investment of $15 into more than $30,000 dollars, for a pair of religious domains.


This sale clearly indicates that longer, descriptive domains with and without “the” as a prefix, can fetch thousands of dollars.

Keep that in mind, those of you who struggle with XYQJ chips currently!

Congratulations, Mike!

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2 Responses to “Mike Mann turned $15 into $30,000 with religious domain sale”
  1. Laurentiu Dumitrescu says:

    He missed 😀


  2. Jackie says:

    God will be proud of him

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