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Mike Mann’s Skateistan.com: Almost $200k for the .org upgrade

Mike Mann is a domain investor and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in domain negotiations.

For example, the Domain Market founder negotiated the sale of Sex.com for $13 million dollars. Mike shares domain sales on social media, along side with tidbits of wisdom.

One of Mike Mann’s domains is Skateistan.com, a domain that’s up for sale at $194,888 dollars. What’s up with that particular keyword?

Apparently, Skateistan is a non-profit founded in Australia in 2008 that was inspired by the kids’ reactions to skateboards in Afghanistan. Skateistan operates from the matching .org, Skateistan.org, and won the 2019 .ORG award.

Here’s a quick story about the formation of Skateistan:

In 2007, Percovich’s passion for the sport did just that. He headed to Kabul, Afghanistan for a research trip, bringing along three skateboards, which he rode through the city. The local kids took notice, dazzled by the excitement and freedom of his movement. When one grabbed his skateboard, refusing to give it back, Percovich realized he was onto something. Skateboarding had the potential to bring together youth from different socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders in a celebration of sports and learning.

Percovich began loaning his skateboards to Afghan teenagers—these were the nation’s very first skateboarders. In 2008, he officially launched Skateistan, with the help of sponsors from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

While Skateistan.org was registered in March 2008, Mike Mann’s Skateistan.com was registered in September 2008. The domain was acquired by Mike in late 2011, most likely, according to WHOIS records.

Would the award-winning nonprofit dish out almost $200k for Skateistan.com, upgrading from the .org?

Anything is possible.

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