Mike Mann’s unstoppable #domain sales end in lucky “888”

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann.

Mike Mann’s been unstoppable recently, and his domain sales have been causing a lot of discussion.

The serial entrepreneur who once sold Sex.com, came up with a sales system that quotes prices ending in “888.”

This non-round pricing creates a system reminiscent of the “999” figures, only cheaper, and luckier.

The Chinese love the number eight, which presumably makes them open their wallets more intentionally when buying domains from Domain Market. Mike Mann knew that when he co-founded BuyDomains, a company he sold in 2005; BuyDomains still uses “888” price quotes to this day.

Mike Mann’s recently disclosed sales involve the domains:

  • SundayService.com – Sold for $24,888 dollars – a domain he acquired in 2012 for $166 dollars.
  • JazzYou.com –  Sold for $24,888 dollars as well – this is a domain he acquired for $20 bucks in 2016.

Mike Mann’s ROI achievements are being questioned by some, on the basis of how he supports a large domain portfolio of thousands of domains. Many others in the industry do, however, so the system is working; Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry, BuyDomains and even GoDaddy support hundreds of thousands of domain names in privately-managed portfolios.

But even Mike Mann’s Domain Market is being beat by HugeDomains, the world’s top private portfolio holder, with more than 5 million domains under management.

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