Mini Doughnut Factory .com : Who gets the #domain name after the bankruptcy?

It’s a shocker: Chef Patrick’s famous Mini Doughnut Factory has closed permanently.

Two years ago, we had the pleasure to taste the best mini donuts in Florida, prepared by partners in life and business, Patrick Ruddell and Zezura Ruddell.

In late 2018, a series of lawsuits apparently put excessive strain on the former domainer’s business. By April 2019, the two locations in Tampa and St. Pete were closed down permanently, and the Ruddells have since been ousted from the business they founded in 2016.

According to the web site at, the business has closed down permanently.

So who will take over the domain name, when it expires on October 5, 2019?

We aren’t sure, but this link provides some additional information on who owns the business currently.

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3 Responses to “Mini Doughnut Factory .com : Who gets the #domain name after the bankruptcy?”
  1. I’m guessing these guys:

    who have been forced to use the plural of the domain.

    VM Freeman

  2. BullS says:

    That is sad!!
    So why it went out of business? Everybody loves donuts!!

  3. tommy butler says:

    Sad indeed hope Chef Patrick and the family can bounce back from this. Im s ure they will they have lost a lot dough on that venture.

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