: First .ORG #domain turned 35 years old, the first registered .ORG domain name, has turned 35 years old.

Registered on July 10, 1985, represents Mitre Corporation, an American non-profit that runs numerous federally-funded research and development units.

According to their web site at

As a not-for-profit organization, MITRE works in the public interest across federal, state and local governments, as well as industry and academia. We bring innovative ideas into existence in areas as varied as artificial intelligence, intuitive data science, quantum information science, health informatics, space security, policy and economic expertise, trustworthy autonomy, cyber threat sharing, and cyber resilience. – The first .ORG domain name

Here’s a list of the first 10 .org domains ever registered: 10-Jul-1985 25-Mar-1986 10-Jul-1986 7-Jan-1987 15-Jan-1987 2-Apr-1987 4-Apr-1987 1-May-1987 14-Jul-1987 2-Sep-1987 25-Feb-1988

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