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Moniker requires account verification from fraud-prone countries


More headaches for Moniker account holders.

After a huge security breach that resulted in an unknown number of domains being stolen from their registrants, Moniker has apparently started to require account verification over the phone.

A Moniker account holder from Ukraine, lashed out at the email he received, two weeks after he reset his account passwords with Moniker:

“Thank you for registering your domain with Moniker.For security reasons, we must verify your account before processing your domain requests.The analysis for which accounts need to be verified is not done by our system but by an external service, based on objective criteria.The use of such policies has sadly become necessary due to fraud attempts, especially in the internet business.Until your account is verified you will only be able to make payments via Bank Transfer. We will gladly make an exception for you and open up access to your account once you call our support teams and verify your account.To verify your account it will need to be a live call. This again is a onetime call for fraud prevention.

You can call us at 1-800-688-6311 for the account validation. Outside the U.S. and Canada: 954-607-1294 Our hours of operations are Monday-Friday 8:00 am EST – 8:00 pm est.We look forward to speaking with you.Please have the following information handy to quickly verify your account.

Account #
Email Address on the account
Phone # on the account
Mailing/Billing Address on the account.

Moniker Support”

It is not yet clear if the account verification over the phone is only targeting countries prone to Internet fraud; this is the first such email from Moniker that seeks verification of data over the phone, prior to unlocking access.

The account holder who posted his plight in a members’ only section of DNForum, exclaims that the only domains he has at Moniker are those he acquired at SnapNames, adding that he does not intend to keep them there.


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