Monte Cahn joins the crew

Monte Cahn moves on to science & fiction.

Former Moniker chief and subsequent Oversee auction man, Monte Cahn, has taken on new, exciting ventures.

The suntanned domainer leaves Oversee on January 1st, 2011 and becomes his own free agent in the domain industry.

The latest news is that Monte Cahn will join former colleague and busy blogger, Patrick Ruddellknown as Chef Patrick to those that love monikers – in the latest venture that the Chefster has launched.

“Monte will be a tremendous asset to”, said Chef Patrick while munching on a footlong Subway sandwich.

“Monte knows how to drive up the hype about sales and he’s a great story-teller. We expect him to drive the tech sector on, blogging about the effects of account control, DNA mutations of domainers and the usual science fiction news about successful domainers”, added the Chef.

Monte’s salary was not confirmed to be in the mid six-figure range but considering the amount of traffic that received for a day from the TechCrunch article, it can’t be too far from that.

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  1. SPK says:

    LMAO hilarious. I almost believed it for a second.

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