Morgan & Daina Linton score big investment for Fashion Metric

Appraiso was named after the Greek verb Appraizo.

Daina and Morgan Linton.

Fashion Metric founder, Daina Linton and her domain investor husband, Morgan, have scored an $1 Million dollar seed round investment for the company.

The two-year old start-up moved to Austin, Texas from Los Angeles, as a part of the Mark Cuban group of companies.

Fashion Metric participated in a TechStars class last year, where it opened its technology of custom clothing metrics. The technology uses less than 12 questions to accurately define a person’s metrics for custom clothing.

According to a Gigaom article, Fashion Metric began its funding journey with five people, and $400k in funding; the new funding round will assist with the company’s growth.

Congratulations to Morgan and Daina Linton for this spectacular achievement.

For more information, visit Fashion Metric.

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