Most premium #domains won’t sell before 2139 according to Internet Reboot Report

Most so-called “premium domain names” won’t sell for another 100 years, or more, according to a new domain industry report.

This is the result of research by the Internet Reboot Institute, published in its December 2018 issue.

This semester’s Internet Reboot report used data from NameBio and Sedo sales, to project the rate at which premium domain names sell, and it doesn’t look good.

If you own 100 premium domain names, you are looking into a selloff date of September 2041; with 1,000 domains the task will take another century, more or less.

“Domain brokers around the world aren’t selling premium domains fast enough, and we need to promote them to a larger pool of buyers,” said Niklas Kaarlson, CEO of the annual Internet Reboot report.

“In many countries, dot .com means nothing, they are after the local ccTLD and in Europe we have dozens of these. Company executives cannot justify spending a euro on domains, they will spend it on cigarettes and hookers instead,” added Kaarlson, smiling.

Domain investors seeking to sell their premium domain names resort to a number of tricks to increase their chances of selling them before the second coming of Jesus.

Such methods include:

  • Writing blog posts that say, “I bought for $54,222 do you think it was a good buy?
  • Sharing news of premium domains that sold after years and years of sitting around unused.
  • Talking down on new gTLDs or ccTLDs when they cost virtually nothing to acquire, compared to expensive .com domains.
  • Using Dave Evanson of Sedo as the domain messiah that can sell everything.
  • Acting all confused when Uniregistry doesn’t own – yet – the domain

The Internet Reboot report for 2018 includes the following statement from CEO Niklas Kaarlson:

“If you can sell domain names, then be happy with what you can get in the next 5-10 years, after that, get ready to work minimum wage jobs, grow fir for Christmas, or move to Central America.”

Whatever you decide to do with your premium domains, get it done asap.

Your premium domain’s won’t sell fast enough – Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

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