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Most ridiculous domain auction ever on Flippa ?

best-lube-for-analOne of the reasons Flippa is successful as a domain auction venue, is the wide range of domains, web sites and apps being auctioned.

Still, there have been questionable auctions in the past. Anyone remember the DicksByMail.com auction? 😀

At least, there was a humorous aspect in that one, along with proof of established revenue.

Not so in the case of BestLubeForAnal.com, a domain auctioned off by its Nigerian owner.

That’s right, a domain that claims to be a top Amazon affiliate for “best lube for anal” searches; is the short code “419” ? 😉

The stats look sketchy at best, with missing revenue for September, and it seems that the seller pumped the domain on Reddit without disclosing that he actually owns it.

Such domain auctions can be funny but often give domain venues a bad name. Who verified the stats of this domain?

Perhaps that’s the reason the Flippa auction for BestLubeForAnal.com ended unsold yesterday, with a high bid of $5,500.

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2 Responses to “Most ridiculous domain auction ever on Flippa ?”
  1. steve brady says:

    Playboy Magazine’s announcement this week they’re no longer publishing nudity has lube manufacturers scrambling to regroup. Chalk this up as a win for the terrorists.

  2. Hire Domains says:

    Should I auction isendhatemail …..who says the post office is gonna go broke!

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