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Mr. Lowballer : I don’t care what #domain comps say, take it or leave it!

Hey domainers, what’s up? Been a while but I can assure you I’ve none of this Corona crap, just busy making lowball offers as usual – they don’t call me Mr. Lowballer for nothing.

So I read this “blog” that talks about how domains are supposed to be valued: by referencing past domain sales, a.k.a. “comps.”

I LOL’ed snot through my nose, although I really wanted to slap them up with the longest domain name in the world.

Comps are for losers, my friend. Let me tell you why I don’t care what domain comps say.

When I make contact with a domain seller I send them my best offer and typically that’s 30% to 40% below comp value. I do that to create a SLAVE status on that domain.

What’s a SLAVE you might ask. It stands for Secondary Level Assessed Value Exception.

Parenthesis: Learn a new acronym every day and you’ll get somewhere in life.

So SLAVE is basically reality versus pointless mambo-jumbo valuation that compares one domain – a unique digital string – to another that has been sold.

Over time, domain names tend to fluctuate so much in value, that it’s important to assess the SLAVE vs. the comp valuation. Get it?

Remember the Chinese letters LLLL .com market? Or the NNNNNN .com market?

Within months of their peak, they both crashed real hard, so if you want to buy such domains do so using the SLAVE model – not based on the price they once sold for, when the market was healthy! Unless of course you really are dumb.

Later, suckers! 😀

Mr. Lowballer – Photo by Chase @jiggiemon Wilson on Unsplash

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