Mr. Lowballer : My best #domain offer doesn’t count if you accept it

Hey guys, what’s happening? This is Mr. Lowballer ready to bust some balls about your domain crap.

Yeah, I follow Mr. Schwartz on Twitter too, and I know he’s got some kick-ass domains, especially adult ones – the ones your mom refers to as “pornos.”

Listen up. No matter how hard you work, you ain’t gonna get close to the Domain King. It ain’t happening! 😀

Whenever he posts a thread about “list your best domain for $x,xxx” etc. I get a hard laugh from the crap listed. It’s hilarious. People want thousands of dollars for domains that ain’t worth shit.

Anyway, I don’t want to bust your man nuts too hard, so here’s a bit of serious, man to man advice.

If you get a lowballing offer, such as $100 for a nice keyword domain, don’t respond to the guy at all. Don’t do it. I’ll tell you why.

Let’s say you counter with $10k and he’s back with say, $5k. You are happy with the number, I’m sure, because your domain isn’t close to the ones Rick Schwartz owns, and you tell the guy, “OK brah, it’s a deal.”

That moment you accept the bait offer, he’ll split. LOL. You don’t believe me? Try it.

Such is the life of the lowballing sport and I know that first hand mmmkay? I bust the balls of domainers for a reason, to get domains cheap.

So long story short: never respond to lowball offers – unless they are signed by me, Mr. Lowballer.

Later, suckers! 😀

Mr. Lowballer – I LOL at Domainers

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