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Murderer uses Facebook to confess crime and profess love

The killer, Stathis Eustathiou.

It’s a true Greek tragedy: blinded by jealousy for his 22 year old girlfriend from Kastoria, Greece, a 35 year old event manager butchered her with a knife, then disposed of her body in the cold lake waters.

Stathis Eustathiou then confessed his crime on Facebook, where he posted the following:

“To Adriana Gardikioti: I am sorry and I apologize. Whatever happened cannot change anymore. I loved you. I love you and will continue to love you. One whole year together and from now on forever to eternity, together. Bon voyage and I am coming along with you. As is, for an entire year we never kept apart from eachother. I am coming for you, my baby.”

The murderer attempted to crash his car and kill himself, but did not succeed. He has been arrested and under strict supervision at the hospital where he’s undergoing treatment for his injuries.

The victim, Adriana Gardikioti.

News of the murder has shocked Greeks who turned up in hundreds to comment and curse on the killer’s Facebook pace:

“Monster! Horrible man! Sick bastard, you deserve the worst!”

“F*cking bastard, get ready to get a lot of action up your ass in prison! You shall see what law of prison means, getting ****ed day and night until you die!”

“It’s a pity for the girl and her family. All couples have arguments but don’t get this far! What a tragedy!”

“Waste of sperm, I hope you die a slow death!”

“I hope you get lynched at the town square before you even cross the prison gates!”

Several photos of the victim and the killer are visible on Facebook, showing the couple at better times.

It’s unfortunate to see a murderer abuse social media to deliver his message after the crime!


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2 Responses to “Murderer uses Facebook to confess crime and profess love”
  1. Savant says:

    wow what a psycho!! I don’t use facebook, lots of creeps there.

  2. Aviron says:

    In israel, Facebook helped to catch alot of murderers and rapists, great personal tool really, without it no one wouldve known who are they.

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