Nadia Pessoa : My “Harp” account on #Twitter has been hacked!

Domain investor and professional harpist, Nadia Pessoa, announced that her Twitter account “@Harp” has been hacked.

The hijacked account is now hidden behind privacy, after an unknown cybercriminal managed to take it over.

Tweeting from @DomainSushi, Nadia stated:

.@TwitterSupport @Twitter @TwitterOpen See previous tweet – URGENT. @Harp was hacked. Look at this tweet from APR 1 – it’s ME. #help

Surprisingly, today Twitter announced that it fixed a password glitch affecting the storage of account credentials on its system:

We mask passwords through a process called hashing using a function known as bcrypt, which replaces the actual password with a random set of numbers and letters that are stored in Twitter’s system. This allows our systems to validate your account credentials without revealing your password. This is an industry standard. Due to a bug, passwords were written to an internal log before completing the hashing process. We found this error ourselves, removed the passwords, and are implementing plans to prevent this bug from happening again.

Twitter is now asking its users to change their passwords proactively.

Last year, Mike Berkens lost access to his Twitter account @TheDomains, after a cybercriminal took control of it for more than a week. Mike sued Twitter, and the incident led to the Domain King’s departure from social media, in protest.

Let’s hope that Twitter helps Nadia Pessoa get her @Harp account back soon!

Update 5/7/2018 – Nadia has regained control of her @Harp account.

Nadia Pessoa – @harp on Twitter

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