: Stunted domain #WHOIS output is great alternative to complete privacy

If you register a domain name today at most domain registrars, expect to get some phone calls in 24 hours from now.

Some calls? A LOT OF CALLS.

The zone file skimmers track new domain registrations daily, query the domain names and extract the phone numbers from the WHOIS. Then, they start calling you. And calling you!

I bet you didn’t know that has an active solution that protects you from phone call spam, and it doesn’t require privacy WHOIS.

From what we’ve seen, is not displaying the phone numbers from web queries that originate from outside its official WHOIS tool, which sits comfortably behind a captcha challenge.

What shows up instead is “Non-Public Data.” All other information about the registrar is displayed.

In a nutshell: If you register domains at, your phone number is most likely safer there than elsewhere, without additional cost for WHOIS privacy.

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