Name Ninja reveals new expired #domain service on #CyberMonday

Name Ninja is the brainchild of domain name expert Bill Sweetman, a successful and well-respected domain name industry business leader.

Bill has extensive experience in the domain aftermarket of premium domain names, and has rolled out Domain Heater ™, a new service to coincide with Cyber Monday sales.

The new Name Ninja service is taking expired domains to a new level, by keeping Chinese bidders warm through the final moments of the auction.

Says Bill Sweetman:

“Most domain auctions end between 3am and 4am in China, and even ninjas can’t cope with the extreme winter cold. Our service automates the safe release of heat through a USB port to the keyboard, providing the fingertips of bidders with much needed warmth.”

The Domain Heater ™ is a revolutionary heat release machine, able to detect the exact amount of heat missing from the fingers of domain auction bidders in order for them to compete successfully. Although it’s meant for the Chinese domain market, other bidders with bad blood circulation can also use it.

“My idea is patent pending and I’m glad I was able to beat GoDaddy at the USPTO, their patents are truly ridiculous,” said Bill Sweetman, adding: “If you are an extremely cold-blooded person we’ll up the heat release by 50% for a reasonable fee.”

Domain Heater is already out, check the dedicated server below:

Domain Heater – a Name Ninja product

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