NameChip: All aboard the Domain Spaceship!

Domain industry leaders, NameChip, shared some big news today, targeting a massive mission to space as early as in 2023.

Dick Chippendall, founder and CEO of NameChip LLC, sent an open invite to all domain investors willing to train as part-time astronauts.

Said Dick:

“Inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, we’re seeking out some early beta testers for the new registrar and space launcher. Prefer people that don’t get vertigo, aren’t afraid of heights, and who don’t like GoDaddy. Let’s all get aboard the new domain spaceship!”

Domain spaceship – to the moon and beyond!

Aimed at bettering humanity and the process of registering domain names via the implementation of strict rules on the blockchain, NameChip will hire seven so-called “domainnauts” to board missions to space.

The company’s HQ in Phoenix, Arizona, will serve as the ideal test-bed for simulating the barren, rocky environment of the moon.

“We see a lot of interest in colonizing the moon recently and I plan to put plots of moon land on the blockchain,” said Dick Chippendall, who was an astronaut candidate (ascan) for NASA.

“The further we dream, the furthest we will go. Domains isn’t the only way but we’ll use domain names, space, spaceships, crypto, Web3, and the blockchain to get beyond our cosmos, far far away!” exclaimed Dick Chippendall, his eyes fixed into the void.

If you want to be considered for the NameChip missions to the moon and beyond, contact NameChip directly.

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