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NameDrive customer discovers $25,000 dollar bonus in account!



NameDrive‘s acquisition by ParkingCrew came as no surprise to many; the former KeySystems asset reached its peak performance about 10 years ago.

The announcement email contained the following message from the ParkingCrew team:

“According to our information, you do not appear to have actively used your NameDrive account for quite some time. If you are still in the domain business, we would like to invite you to apply for a ParkingCrew account and test your names with our solution. We would like to point out that limited access to your NameDrive account will be available until the end of August 2015. We recommend that you download any historical data or credit notes you require by this date.”

This message sent several people scrambling to check their NameDrive accounts, and one of them discovered an unexpected $25,255.32 dollar bonus waiting to be withdrawn.

“I can’t believe this, hadn’t checked my NameDrive account since 2007 and after I got this spam today I wasn’t sure if it was real,” said Olaf Yu of Peoria, Illinois.

“Man, 25 grand sitting in my account from parking over the years, somehow no notices were sent out and now I will be getting it as a lump sum!” exclaimed Yu celebrating.

If you ever had a NameDrive account, now it’s a good time to check it for such pleasant surprises – or to otherwise remove any non-performing domains you might have forgotten there a decade ago.

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