NameJet announces new ticketing system for its domain auction platform

NameJet has announced that a new ticketing system for support is in effect, released today.

The ticketing system is utilizing the Salesforce CRM.


Here is the announcement from NameJet:

“Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new Support Ticketing system.

This update will result in faster response times and easier management of tickets through user-friendly navigation and an improved search function. Emails received regarding support tickets have also been designed to be cleaner and simpler to understand.

We’ve been working on the Support Ticketing system for the last several months and are very excited for today’s launch. It will take a few days to make a complete transition, so in the meantime, all tickets that are currently open will be resolved on the legacy platform. All new customer cases will use the improved support system.

We believe this new ticketing system will greatly improve our customers’ interactions with our support team and should minimize the inconvenience of any issues you run into while using the system.

Thank you for choosing NameJet!”

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