NameJet : Back in domain auction business after hardware failure

NameJet is once again fully operational, after an outage that occurred yesterday.

The domain auction venue announced that the issue was purely due to technical difficulties related to some type of hardware failure.

No user data or accounts were breached.

The full announcement from NameJet follows:


Dear NameJet Customer,

As of this morning, the NameJet website is online and fully operational. Please note that the recent technical difficulties were NOT caused by a hack or breach of any kind, but instead were related to a hardware issue. But regardless of the cause, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disruption.

And in order to reduce the impact to the auctions, the following steps are being taken: (i) all auctions that were scheduled to close on Monday, July 6th have been pushed 24 hours, to July 7th; and (ii) for domains with the Pre-Release period ending either Sunday, July 5th or Monday, July 6th, those auctions will be set to “public” to allow those who could not place backorders to still participate.

For a few of the domains originally in this group, we were able to extend the Pre-Release period to provide additional time for our customers to place backorders.

Please look to the NameJet website to see what the status is for domains that you are targeting.

And please keep in mind that during the public auctions all bids entered during the active auction will be for the next highest amount, so you cannot simply place a backorder as a way to “watch” the auction.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding and good luck in the auctions!


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