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#NameJet : Rare #domain name self-shreds after auction ends at $14,000 dollars

A rare .com domain was shred to pieces on Sunday afternoon, after a special NameJet auction.

Promoted through several NameJet newsletters as the “world’s most rare .com domain,” the digital asset’s printout was cut to pieces using the NameJet office shredder.

“We call this an artistic experimentation crossover, when digital art elegantly fuses with the destruction of priceless property,” said NameJet VP of media marketing, Olga Doron.

The domain shredding process involved a special timer that shred the domain just 5 seconds after the end of the auction; the shredding process provided no manual override.

All that remained after the artistic process completed, was a couple of vowels and the dot. NameJet declined to identify the domain, as its registrant had paid $14,000 dollars at the auction.

“Here at NameJet we encourage domain investors to maximize their domain’s worth, by engaging in artful expressions of technocrat minimalism,” said Olga Doron, adding: “The decision to shred domains is particularly effective for tax purposes: spend a lot of money on premium domains listed on NameJet, shred them, then claim a loss with your taxes. If Trump can do it, you can too.”

If you have any domains that you need to shred, perhaps NameJet can help you out – only top notch domain names qualify.

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