NamePros releases video from WaterNight 2016 fundraiser for WaterSchool

NamePros, the domain industry’s most popular forum, has released a nicely edited video from the WaterNight 2016 fundraiser.

Edward Zeiden, managing director of NamePros, interviews Richard Lau, founder of NamesCon, and other prominent domain investors.

In addition, the 12 minute video features events and keynotes surrounding WaterNight, aiming at increasing awareness and participation for the WaterSchool charity.

The WaterNight goals for 2016 were set high, and participation by the domain industry’s professionals was phenomenal.


For NamesCon 2017, the WaterNight goals are set even higher; Edward Zeiden is looking forward to the event setting new attendance and contribution records:

We’re hoping the industry will continue to show their support in a big way to those who need our help. […] it’s truly a special industry that allows us to live in a digital reality, but connect and help people in a physical world.

For more information, visit and make sure you watch the NamePros video below.

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