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NamesCon 2017 shocker : No electronic devices during Frank Schilling keynote speech!

NamesCon 2017 is merely days away; the biggest domain conference of the year opens its gates in Las Vegas, on Sunday the 22nd.

An estimated 1,400 attendees will help set new records in how the domain industry is perceived by outsiders, and domain investors alike.

Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, will be delivering the first keynote speech on Monday the 23rd, and there are draconian measures in place.

Indeed, all electronic devices will have to be removed and surrendered prior to entering the Tropicana Megahall 3, where the keynote speech will be made.

“Security is an important issue for us, and Mr. Schilling deserves privacy as well. No cellphones, computers, beepers, cameras or fitbit devices will be allowed during Frank’s keynote – sorry guys,” said the NamesCon founder, Richard Lau.

There is a good reason for these extreme measures, apparently.

Last year, an eagle-eyed attendee of Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry App launch managed to capture Frank’s own account password, where the world’s best domains are saved in. Frank’s techs scrambled to change it within minutes and there were no further issues.

“There will be a special room at the Tropicana to leave your items and get them back once Frank Schilling’s speech is over, or you can leave them at your hotel room,” said Richard Lau adding: “I feel naked without my phone too, I know how you feel, but rules are rules!”

The only electronic recording of Frank Schilling’s keynote speech will be made by NamePros, as in previous years. They have ISO 3001 compliant hardware and have been approved by Frank Schilling’s security.

See you all at NamesCon in Vegas.

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4 Responses to “NamesCon 2017 shocker : No electronic devices during Frank Schilling keynote speech!”
  1. Richard Lau says:

    lol — too funny! I hope people realize this is satire!

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    Funny, and to think I was going to strategically have my phone set to ring in the middle of the speech in the front row. :p lol – Joke, of course. 😉

  3. Christopher Ambler says:

    My tech is embedded in my head. Eye and ear implants, and memory accessed via bluetooth to my liver.

    Please ensure there’s a surgeon on hand to extract and, later, replace them. Thanks!

  4. Supratik.Basu says:

    not even microphone too !!! 😛 😀

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