NamesCon “online?” #Chinese #domainers already meet in person!

Are you attending NamesCon Online from September 22nd to 24th? That event is taking place online, obviously.

A lot of domain investors are experiencing online fatigue already, yearning for an in-person domain conference but in the US and Europe that’s a big no-no thanks to the Covid19 pandemic.

Not a problem in China, it seems, where a Chinese domain investor “get-together” involved 240 people attending it.

Chinese domain investor Yue Dai (Dai Yue) shared the news of the Chinese domain investor gathering:

Just finished a get-together of old Internet friends, about 240 people attended, almost all of whom had good domain names, including about 50 professional domain name investors.

In China, many domain name investors are not limited to investing only in domain names, because with good domain names, it is easier to build a successful website, and China has more than 1 billion Internet users […]

Here is a photo of the event’s photo-op:

Chinese domain investors meet up despite the Covid19 pandemic

It seems that, officially, China has been doing extremely well controlling Covid19, as Bing data shows.

Yue Dai (Dai Yue) also mentioned an interesting tidbit about the history of domain investing in China:

The earliest domain name investors in China were around 2000, and the second group started to invest in domain names around 2004, such as me. There are about 50 Chinese who started investing in domain names in 2004 or 2005. Most of them are between 36 and 45 years old.

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