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NamesCon opens new offices in Vancouver; Jodi Chamberlain departs

It’s Richard Lau‘s birthday today, and the NamesCon co-founder sent out an announcement that contains lots of important news about the future of the biggest domain conference.

The event is now expanding by adding offices in Vancouver, Canada, while event manager Jodi Chamberlain leaves the company to focus entirely on her own event management business, 32Events.


If you have ever visited Vancouver, you have likely been to the Yaletown area which is Vancouver’s equivalent of an historic meat-packers district now filled with tech companies and hip restaurants. NamesCon has opened its office in the heart of Yaletown, literally just down the block from Kevin Ham’s Reinvent office.

Concurrent with this new office, the NamesCon team is undergoing some exciting changes.

Richard Lau, co-founder of NamesCon explains: “Jodi Chamberlain of 32Events has been an integral part of NamesCon for our first two years and as we grow, 32Events is exiting as we expand our local team in-house. 32Events was a valued addition for the beginning phase and we had a mutual understanding that they were here to help with the startup of NamesCon. As we are now the largest commercial domain name conference, we will have a full-time year-round troop located here in Vancouver while 32Events has other projects on the go.”

Indeed, Jodi Chamberlain from 32Events says that her next adventure is to expand upon Women in Domaining, making it a 2 day event (instead of 2 hours) and has other new clients: “Working with the NamesCon team was great! And the Tropicana’s event team is one of the very best of venues I’ve worked with!  32events continues to manage events and we’ve signed on two new clients: a local country club has hired our team to coordinate their weekend special events plus we’re outlining a new conference (not domain related) for Spring 2016. Everyone on the team is happy and healthy!”

NamesCon will be releasing staff interviews in the coming weeks so that sponsors and attendees can get to know the NamesCon staff. And if you are in Vancouver feel free to drop by the NamesCon office this Wednesday May 13, 2015 to join the office lunch in celebrating Richard Lau’s birthday! Hit up Office@NamesCon.com to RSVP.

Meanwhile, Jothan from the team at NamesCon is collaborating on a DOMAINfest Sofia event on June 3rd, during “Bulgarian Internet Week” (“BIW”).  BIW a series of events around Internet naming and technology.  “DOMAINfest is a globally recognized name for roaming events to celebrate and network around the opportunities that domain names bring.  The DOMAINfest brand is really separate from NamesCon, but is part of the NamesCon family.   DOMAINfest will be vibrant series of local events we’ll be collaborating on with others as a hub of networking – from as small as a local dinner or pub meet-up lasting a few hours to something as large as a multi-day event.  This is good for partners and collaborators, plus it will widen attraction and grow attendance to the January NamesCon conference in Las Vegas and fortify its leadership as The Domain Name Industry Conference.”

Richard Lau says that “In addition to Bulgaria, you will likely see additional DomainFest meet-ups in LA, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and possibly Dubai and Florida. Most of them as will be intentionally small networking events run by locals. Anyone interested in holding a domain meet-up should contact us to discuss how to partner using the DomainFest name.”
It seems like a busy year ahead for everyone! Be sure to check out the calendar for a DomainFest near you, and of course, we’ll see everyone in the domain name industry at NamesCon in January in Las Vegas!

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