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NamesCon poll results : Domain investors don’t like wearing pants!

A NamesCon 2017 poll’s results about wearing pants while working from home is in; the stats are quite staggering.

  • 78% of large .com portfolio holders don’t wear pants or other lower garments.
  • 11% “free-ball” at least 5 days a week, quite possibly on the weekends too.
  • 10% wear pants or shorts, or Capris, jeans, khakis and other such leggings.
  • 1% cross-dress on occasion. We do not judge.

Such trends are fun to analyze, according to Richard Lau, who stated:

“We had some innocent fun with a poll that can’t be scientifically supported, but in the domain world, anything is possible.”

“By inquiring about the dressing habits, or lack thereof, of domain investors, we are able to leverage the ability of entrepreneurs to shift the paradigm, creating new norms in an ever-challenging business world,” added Lau.

Domain investors such as Morgan Linton, who operates BoldMetrics, agree on the availability of options:

“Nothing worse than a tight set of pants, it can be a pain in the you know what. At BoldMetrics, we customize your clothing experience, providing domain investors with a relaxing, comfortable way to perform their daily dose of domaining. Your family jewels will thank us!”

Oddly, the domain DoYouWearPants.com is not yet taken.

Whether you wear pants or not, one thing is certain: domain investing is a serious business, requiring some serious commitment.

Be comfortable, or be prepared to lose your pants.

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