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NASA & ICANN : Intelligent domainers might survive outside of our solar system


Today’s announcement of 7 earth-sized exoplanets merely 40 light years away, was met by jubilation among astronomers, domainers and other technology boffins.

Discovering a hospitable environment so far away from home means one thing: domain investing and the new gTLDs can propagate for aeons to come.

“A lot of domain investors are in fear of their business structure failing in today’s volatile geopolitical challenges,” said Ben Duover, senior NASA scientist and expert domain flipper.

“When we have options, such as the seven earth-like planets so close to us, there should be very little concern about the viability of domains, particularly the Chinese domain market,” added Duover.

Not many domainers are willing to board a spacecraft and head to an earth clone destination, without any warranty about the future.

NASA plans to lobby ICANN and its huge financial resources, in order to train bureaucrats as astronaut leaders, and send them to the newly discovered destinations, 40 light years away.

“It will be great for ICANN to join forces with NASA, now that we are on a great course with the gTLD program,” said Göran Marby for ICANN, adding:

“Sometimes, humanity’s fate is hanging by a thread, our job is to ensure that the perpetuation of our species, and that of the new gTLDs is not at stake. Let’s make domains great again!”

The joint NASA/ICANN venture and its multi-steakholder model will be formulated in the coming weeks and months, as soon as a new, secure portal is set up.

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