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NASA : Woman on Mars is reclusive female domainer

Tasha Amplebottom, female domainer.

Tasha Amplebottom, female domainer.

NASA has unveiled photos depicting a female human figure on Mars, captured by the Curiosity rover’s cameras.

The figure is definitely female, as witnessed by the long, wavy hair and ample bosom; despite the lack of breathable atmosphere, some women are known to survive by sucking the air out of a room.

For the past week it was speculated that the female on Mars is an elusive domain investor, Tasha Amplebottom.

That claim has now been confirmed:

“A few years ago, we conducted an experiment to see how long would male domain investors go without harassing female colleagues at domain conferences,” said NASA marketing consultant, Terrance D’Arby.

“We must now reveal that indeed, we’ve sent a female to Mars and she’s been doing just fine since leaving Earth, there’s been absolutely no sexual innuendos or other forms of harassment from fellow domainers, whatsoever!” added D’Arby.

Female domainers are often perceived as mere curiosities by male domainers, and propositions at conferences occur often. The transportation of Tasha Amplebottom to Mars will also help dissolve that old myth that women are from Venus only.

If you are a male domainer at a domain conference, about time you treated female domain investors with respect, or they might all leave for Mars to find some peace.

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    Darn Tootin’

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