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Nasim Jahibid : #Iranian investor wants to grab the DomainConsultant.com #domain for six figures

Nasim Jahibid, the owner of the “njhighbid” alias on NameJet, is getting ready to grab DomainConsultant.com – for six figures at a minimum.

The Iranian domain investor only bids when domain auctions hit six figures, and delivers the payment in a suitcase that can hold a million dollars.

Why would Nasim Jahibid grab DomainConsultant.com at DropCatch?

The auction ends in 4 hours, and so far remains in the low four figure range. It’s evident that once it hits six figures, Nasim Jahibid will jump in the auction to deliver his award-winning strategy of domain bidding.

Said Nasim Jahibid on Zoom audio:

“When I bid, hope for other bidder have money. I don’t bid when other bidder is poor. Don’t be cheap, have DropCatch deliver riches for equal money. This domain is for top domain consultant, and that be me, with help Allah.”

DomainConsultant.com is definitely worth acquiring, even if you need a small fortune to become the most talked about domain consultant in the world.

DomainConsultant.com is up for grabs!

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