Naughty or nice? Domainers’ Expectations for 2010

Every domainer deserves the best for 2010 !

It’s the time of the year that we all sit down and count the beans of goodness and badness. According to a tale we were told as kids, Santa tallies all the good deeds and the naughty deeds and decides whether we get presents or coal for the Holidays.

In the world of Domaining, domainers have faced a good 18 months of recession and downwards spiraling of PPC revenue, however during the final weeks of this year it seems that improvement is ante portas.

If we were to wish for something in the new year, 2010, it’d be worldwide peace so that domainers can focus on business. As we all know, humans are not peaceful creatures by nature so our wish will most likely fall through.

Therefore, we compiled a short list of alternative wishes that we have for the new year and we present them below.

  • Chef Patrick learns how to cook. The Chef ditches his domain facade and dives into the sauces, marinades, souffles and other delicious culinary creations – that currently only his wife possesses the know-how of.
  • Bruce Marler sells to a major newspaper conglomerate and retires a millionaire. Bruce’s effort to show the “ink people” that digital ink leaves no smudges will finally come to fruition.
  • Sahar Sarid of Bido decides that in 2010 shaved heads are out, afro look is in. Sahar’s distinguished smile gives him the opportunity to make the “Domainer afro” the new look for all social events.
  • Elliot Silver moves to the ‘burbs, leaving his Manhattan suite behind. Elliot will finally give up on the DogWalker project and decide that life is grand when you enjoy time off with your dog, while they do their doo-doo in the back yard.
  • Francois of is invited by the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, to have dinner at the presidential suite. Francois is presented with the Award of Legion of Honor for his continuous work in creating and establishing a domain empire under the brand.
  • Tia Wood delivers a breath-taking speech about web development as an honorary speaker at TRAFFIC and everyone applauds. Tia, who is also an accomplished singer, publishes her first music CD “MySQL belongs to Daddy” which contains 12 tracks; several become major music hits.
  • Ron Jackson of DNJournal announces that he *really* sold DNJournal for 7 figures and retires in the Caribbean.
  • Frank Schilling renames his blog from “Seven Mile” to “Seven Million” after he raises his domain holdings to that many domains. Having acquired several large portfolios, Frank launches that offers free rum cakes with every domain registration.
  • Rick Latona becomes the new Domain King. In a tear-drenched ceremony, Rick Schwartz hands over the crown to Prince Latona and steps down from the throne. Both Ricks remain faithful to the royal subjects of Domaininistan and continue to provide insightful support to the domain community.
  • Owen Frager of The Frager Factor finally moves his blog out of Blogger and into WordPress. This transition results in quadrupling the amount of daily posts from his blog, much to the dismay of those that fall for sensational headlines.
  • Aron Meystedt of discloses the amount of money he spent to buy – Many domainers gasp, others fall unconscious, some get angry they didn’t do it themselves. Aron announces that will become the Cemetery for Domainers with a wall of fame; anyone can buy their virtual tomb for a few hundred bucks.
  • Stephen Douglas of Success Click shaves off his beard and mustache, trims his hair down to a respectable “3” and ditches the Slayer/Konan the Barbarian look. His new goal for 2010 – to provide domainers with business to business advice. His book “How to scare domainers and break alliances” becomes the Bestselling book of the decade in the non-fiction section.
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11 Responses to “Naughty or nice? Domainers’ Expectations for 2010”
  1. Tia Wood says:

    “Owen Frager of The Frager Factor finally moves his blog out of Blogger and into WordPress.”

    lol. I was wondering that myself yesterday. Funny!

    Only a select few has heard me sing, including you, so I doubt I will be releasing albums anytime soon. But thanks! 😀

    “Sahar Sarid of Bido decides that in 2010 shaved heads are out, afro look is in.”

    Nooo. I think Sahar looks great with his bald head! Although, I could quality for the afro if I don’t fix my curls everyday. They poof out as if I stuck my finger in a light socket. 😀

  2. Bruce Marler says:

    I REALLY like this wish list:)

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Bruce, are you ready to retire yet? 😀

  4. “MySQL belongs to Daddy” That is very disturbing… I like it!

  5. Tia Wood says:

    ““MySQL belongs to Daddy” That is very disturbing… I like it!”

    It depends on who “Daddy” is… 😉

  6. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Don’t make me disclose the rest of the track list 😀

  7. There’s only one “Daddy” in domaining and that is Bob Parsons.

  8. Bruce Marler says:

    LOL, I was ready to retire at 18:)

  9. owen frager says:

    Like the winter snow effect

  10. rod says:

    hot summer xmas here is australia , as long as eveyone has good health it’s a great xmas

  11. Ricky Morgiano says:

    where’s the DG Latin translator

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