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#Nazism .com : When an evil #domain can be used for a good cause


Nazism.com on Sedo.

Even evil domain names, such as Nazism.com, can be used for a good cause.

Millions of victims of the nazi atrocities before and during World War II, could be remembered in a memorial depicting the evils of war.

The seller of the domain name, Nazism.com is well aware of that positive potential, selling the domain on Sedo:

Don’t misunderstand — I HATE NAZISM. It’s just a domain name. Perhaps someone can start a website AGAINST Nazism with this name, and piss off all the nazis that are unfortunately still around.

“The systematic cruelties to which the Jewish people – men, women and children – have been exposed under the Nazi regime are amongst the most terrible events of history.” – Churchill, cited in Gilbert, The Road to Victory

“We didn’t defeat the Nazis by becoming Nazis.” – Nick Clooney

The asking price is $9,888 dollars, so hopefully someone will do a good deed with it.

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