Negative DAN review for a domain that’s simply parked!

The DAN marketplace has been rolling out improved features, many of which were requested by its domain-selling user base.

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Built for fast, efficient sales, receives positive comments on its TrustPilot profile, with a 4.7 out of 5 score. One recent comment, however, is negative and delivers 1 star out of five.

Says the review:

Useless service for landlords – Do not bother to use this service if you are a landlord. My tenants wrote a sofa off amongst other major damages and after a tedious dispute, when timing and deadlines were not respected by this service provider they decided with no reasons to give me just a little money. I proved the damages, I provided relevant documentation but they still decided to give the money back to the tenants. WASTE OF TIME. Ask Openrent to offer an alternative service or arrange otherwise but do not use MYDEPOSIT as they donโ€™t protect Labdlords.

The negative review for DAN mentions MyDeposit and when one Googles the term the link goes to a British company called MyDeposits. They operate from the domain

So why would someone leave a bad review for an unrelated service, on the DAN TrustPilot profile?

Very simple: They visited, a domain name parked at DAN and from there they left a review. Perhaps, if they had spent some time to realize they are on the wrong web site, they would have gone to instead.

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