Nespresso or Champagne? Frank Schilling’s mysterious naked lady

C'est la vie, mon cheri!

Frank Schilling’s return as a writing behemoth of all things related to domaining has been more than welcome.

While Frank lacks the evangelical impact that Rick Schwartz’s words seem to have, he definitely is one of the three pillars of domaining; the third one being Dr. Kevin Ham – the man who owns the Internet.

Frank Schilling was recently in France, where he relaxed among the personalities of the French Riviera. Why would a man who lives in the Cayman paradise year long want to take a dip into the piss-filled Mediterranean is beyond my imagination.

Frank considers the French to be interesting folks, each having a distinct personality that tends to “stick out” – or, in other words, the French are mostly egocentrically outspoken. Of course Frank does not say that, but then again he finds Nespresso machines to be borderline “eurotrash“.

Did you say “Nespresso”?

Greeks invented frappe coffee 50 years ago.

I wonder if Frank ever had a Nescafe frappenot the crap McDonalds currently sells as such – but the real, hand-shaken, frothy iced coffee that southern Europeans sip for hours.

They don’t make that stuff with a Nespresso machine, by the way.

Despite the lack of a property database (MLS) in France, it seems that the French have a working model when it comes down to real estate; after all, thousands of villas and condos are bought and sold each year. It’s a shame that Frank could not locate any listings using his iPhone’s GPS – then again, the French take pride in having actual, face to face conversations and discuss business during their 2 hour lunch breaks.

Frank is clearly absorbing the cultureand the champagne – as he then jumps onto how Apple created the killer gadget of the century, the iPhone; only to leap ahead into domains, GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons and Steve Jobs. According to Frank, these two uber-pioneers together have a combined industrial IQ of 500.

If only they could share some of the wealth and knowledge the way Bill Gates and his foundation do.

And finally, a surprise.

Among the vacation photographs, the nostalgic beach images from the 50’s and the inside and out of the Apple HQ, an almost naked lady reinforces the great fun that Frank is having in France, mingling with the stereotypically liberated Europeans.

Unfortunately, Frank didn’t shoot that picture himself, because that’s Cindy Crawford in the waters of Italian Sardinia, offering her exposed and ripe nipples to the Mediterranean sea gods – in 2008.

And then it hit me: Frank’s musings are coming from the same era of two years ago, when he stopped blogging on a regular basis and no fresh ideas seem to be arriving since.

At least, Frank’s having a great time as a person and that’s what matters after all – for life is too short to be squandered by technology and intangible assets such as domain names.

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