Network Solutions rolls out ‘XYZ’ tool to help delete free dot .XYZ domain names

As part of its redesigned domain services, Network Solutions has rolled out a new tool that allows domain owners to get rid of all free, unwanted dot .XYZ domain names they never asked for.

At the click of a button, the XYZ Omega tool terminates all free domains that were added as part of an “opt out” promotion by the XYZ Registry, since June.

“We had a long and deep introspection of our future as the oldest domain registrar, and have decided that our reputation does not deserve the mud-kicking it has been receiving lately,” said Alan Greenspam of Network Solutions.

“Some domain investors might think it’s too late, now that the XYZ Registry claims 500,000 domain registrations, but it’s never too late to plant a tree or make amends for an act of irrational stupidity,” added Greenspam.

Often referred to as “robo-registrations“, these .XYZ domains were forced down the throat of domain investors that would never otherwise claim them or pay to register them.

The XYZ Omega tool is available to all accounts that received free .XYZ domains; if you cannot find it in the user interface of your account, contact the Network Solutions support line to install it.


The XYZ Omega tool at Network Solutions will delete your free .XYZ domains instantly.



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