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Neuhaus-Fahrzeug-Technik : The most valuable double dash #NFT domain in the world?

The proliferation of non-fungible tokens, also known as NFT, has taken the use of blockchain and digital art valuation to new heights.

Millions of dollars spent on digital instances of art and other “paintings” along with collectibles such as sports cards, have created an upwards momentum.

With NFT.com up for sale, which is the most valuable double dash NFT domain name in the world?

N-F-T.com of course!

Registered in 2018, the domain is in the possession of dash-friendly Germans, and car detailing company Neuhaus-Fahrzeug-Technik in particular.

As they say, “Am besten WIR als PROFI kümmern uns darum!” Translated, this means: “Together with you, we will create an individual cleaning or preparation package together.”

Should this photo on their web site be sold as an NFT? 😀 We say, natürlich!

Kudos: Dale G.


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